Deluxe Dog Hair & Nails Set

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Product Details
Product Details
A makeover awaits
Our Deluxe Dog Hair & Nails Set gets it done
Hair getting too long on your dog? Nails tapping the floor loudly with every step? Need to comb out some tangles? Discover salon-like tools with this dog-owner’s must-have grooming trio!
A professional-grade grooming tool
Our high-grade Pet Grooming Tool puts you in charge of taking care of your beloved dog’s hair from the comfort of home. USB-chargeable and designed with a fixed stainless-steel blade and ceramic moving blade ensure sharp, accurate cuts, groom like a pro from home!
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Be your pet’s own manicurist
Our Rechargeable Professional Dog Nail Grinder smooths out your pooch’s nails for zero scratches on you and no snagging of nails on fabrics. Our grinder features low vibrations and low noise for a relaxing nail-buffing session dogs won’t shake and tremble in fear at.
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A smooth, shiny coat
Handle unruly tangles and knots and coarse hair without the pain of sharp or aggressive brush heads. Designed with gentle silicone tips on your palms, our Pet Anti-Shedding Gloves help you smooth your pet’s body, head, and legs all over for a polished look — all while providing a mini massage.
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Keep ‘em
clean + fresh
Grooming never got so convenient. Although it may take some learning on your end, being able to self-groom your dog’s hair and nails at home can save you a lot in the long run on costly monthly pet salon visits!


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